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Captain Kimo

Captain Kimo

49" w x 53" L



In looking for a Heron to paint, my friend Karen Sistek (who is the best silk painting artist in the world),ran across a website named CaptainKimo.com. We found this beautiful Heron on his website and we were allowed permission to use it for our project. Kim Seng is a great photographer who specializes in HDR Photography. I have membership in his online classes and have learned to take better photographs. Karen hand painted the Heron using Jacquard Red Label dyes on silk. After steam setting the dyes, she mailed the project to me to quilt.

In honor of the photographer, KIM SENG, Karen and I decided to name our Heron project: CAPTAIN KIMO.

It was my decision to quilt it like I wanted. What better way than to use the photograph as a reference point. With a magnifying glass I studied the detail of the fearthers and decided to quilt it like I saw it. Not wanting to take anything away from the Heron, I decided to quilt the black background in a plaid design with straight stitching. The Heron needed something more so after some thought I cut white silk bias strips and sewed it onto the belly of the Heron to make it look like feathers blowing in the wind. I knew when I was quilting it that this wall hanging was going to be special but I didn't know how special. 

CAPTAIN KIMO was a featured quilt in the SILKWORM MAGAZINE in 2012. 

This quilt was a finalist in the Houston International Quilt Show in the fall of 2013 and won SECOND PLACE in the ART PAINTED SURFACE Catagory.


This quilt won FIRST PLACE for BEST WALL QUILT for a HOME MACHINE QUILTING AWARD in Paducah, KY American Quilters Society in April 2015.


It also won FIRST PLACE for BEST WALL QUILT for a HOME SEWING MACHINE AWARD in Chattanooga, TN in Septemeber 2015.


Again, another FIRST PLACE win for BEST WALL QUILT for a HOME SEWING MACHINE AWARD in Des Moines, IA in October 2015.


CAPTAIN KIMO has been featured in various quilting books and magazines from 2012 thru 2015.

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