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Cabbage Patch

Cabbage Patch

42.5" w x 34" L



I think Cabbages and Kale make for an interesting study in color and design. I took a watercolor class from Elizabeth Tyler and after completeing the course I wanted to do this on silk using Jacquard Red Label dyes and steamset to permanently set the colors. This is a wholecloth hand painted silk Habotai fabric with a wool batt and commercial backing. I liked the piece but found it a little difficult to paint on silk using the contrast colors and keeping the dyes from bleeding into each other. Some areas I allowed the dyes to bleed into the vein areas and adding another color made it look more realistic. About the time I finished it I took on the challenge of quilting it. This quilted wallhanging was a challenge in patience and I said I would never do that again...but I will!!!   I loved this piece and it is one of my favorites and it in my personal collection.

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