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53 3/4" W x 52 1/2" L

In my quest to be a better "painter" I ran across a wonderful gal by the name of Karen Sistek who owns KARENSISTEKSTUDIO.COM in Port Angeles, WA. She is a Master Silk Painter and has a studio where she encourages others to visit, stay with she and her great husband and take a workshop. The trip to Washington was an adventure in itself. The scenery was to die for and gourmet meals her husband Rick made everyday.... WOW, What more could you ask for. ..PLUS, she is a wonderful person and a great instructor. I spent one-on-one with her for a week working about 12 hours each day. We became good friends and decided that if she could teach me how to paint with dyes on silk, then I could quilt them and make silk painted wallhangings. She painted this large poppy flower and sent it to me to quilt. I used silk batting and a cotton hand dyed backing. In addition, I used 100 weight Silk Kimono thread from Superior Threads and it quilted up beautifully.


Karen has found a technique in silk painting that is like no other. If you look carefully at any of her work, she does not use "gutta" as a resist but has developed her own technique to get a painterly flow using steam set red label dyes. I would encourage anyone who is interested in working on silk to give Karen a call or go to her website.


I have been quilting for 10 years now and there is a lot to learn and know about fabrics and threads. I call "quilting" a journey, something you don't pick up overnight. Attending classes, workshops, reading books and magazines and going to quilt shows all help along the way! You just have to be open to experiment and play with various techniques. I love working on silk because of the vivid colors and the dimension you get when you are able to paint with dyes.


This quilt is one of the beautiful quilts featured in Joen Wolfren's new book, COLOR PLAY 2 that has come out in 2015. In addition, it was on the front cover of AQS magazine in 2013.

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