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Grand Canal

Grand Canal



63 1/2" W x 41 1/2" L

I love architecture and arcitectural elements. After looking thru a whole lot of photographs featuring the Grand Canal and Venice, Italy I came across an idea to make my own rendition of what I thought it should look like. It started with sketches that later became my drawings for this quilted wallhanging. This is not a copy of any photograph but my ideas of what it could look like. The "water" in the canal was a hand dyed silk fabric with accents of metallic Tsukineko Inks where the water ripples would be. The buildings, the cats, the girl and flowers, were all hand painted using fabric textile paints and later appliqued onto the quilted wallhanging. This quilt was a finalist in the Paducah KY AQS Quilt Show in 2011 and the IQA International Quilt Association in November 2011 held in Houston, Texas. This quilt was sold in November 2011 to a woman who is a book author of Art Quilts. She claims she bought it because she loved the GRAND CANAL . She is the proud owner of two cats who she says the cats on the quilt looks just like her cats.

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