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Early Snow

Early Snow

79" w x 72" L            2009-2010

The most beautiful time of the year is fall, and to make it more beautiful...a light snow! This is what I envisioned when I made this quilted wallhanging. I especially liked the shadows on the water.

The trees and leaves were created using mostly commercial fabrics then enhanced with some paint. The snow and ground were hand painted fabric that I made. The rocks were hand painted cotton fabric. The "water' and reflections of trees on the water were hand dyed fabrics I made a few years ago. You know, the beautiful one's that you don't like to "cut up"! The snow on the trees and rocks were created by applying "puff paint" to give it the texture that I thought it needed. This is one of those quilts that you wonder if you'll ever finish it, but I am glad I did.


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