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Spoiled Rotten

Spoiled Rotten

69" w x 60.5" L     2010

If there ever was a dog called "spoiled rotten", it must be my dog. But actually, our dog is a French Brittany Spaniel named "Toby". He is 7 years old, liver and white color and yes, he is spoiled rotten. We've just never told him that he was a "dog".

I've taken a lot of pictures of him the past 7 years. I started a drawing of him about a year ago and decided to put Toby on a quilted wallhanging. I placed him on a wedding sofa, napping with his stuffed rabbit. I had to add more detail so I had the drapery idea as well as the end table and picture....and of course, more toys. The drawing is by me. I enlarged it with an overheard projector to get all the detail that I wanted. I hand painted the dog, sofa, drapery and all the details in the quilt except for the background. I tore out a wallpaper page from one of my books, scanned it, and printed it on fabric multiple times to create the background that I wanted.

The fabrics are mostly cotton and I used Jacquard Textile Paints in which to paint it. I used Hobbs Tuscany wool batting. This quilted wallhanging has been entered into the American Quilter's Society quilt show for April 2011.

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