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Springs, Rings & Rusty Things

Springs, Rings & Rusty Things

60 3/4" W x 59 3/4" L           2008

I have been wanting to try a new technique in "rusting" fabrics. I dyed and over-dyed most of the fabrics in rust and teal colors. The items I used to create the designs were nails, screws, washers, springs, sprockets, a fly wheel, pistons, spark plugs, a saw blade and a bicycle chain. I found out that if it wasn't "rusty" enough to start out with, I could speed up the rusting process by adding a little more vinegar, salt and water. I was making some pretty cool patterns and designs on the fabrics. This just had to be a quilt. So with this being my inspiration I added a few more fabrics after applying a potatoe dextrin technique to create a "crackle" pattern. Beads, copper wire, yarn and decorative thread, jute, scrim fabrics with small amounts of tyvek were added. It was hard deciding when to stop because I was having so much fun. I enjoy making quilts when you see the over all design and when you look at it again, you see things you hadn't seen before...like little hidden things!

This quilt was juried into the International Quilt Show in November 2008 in Houston, TX. It was also juried into the American Quilters Society Quilt Show in April 2009 in Paducah, KY.

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