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Scoot over!

Scoot over!

54" x 88"             2006

In every quilt or wallhanging that I make I always try a new or different technique. It's like pushing a little more beyond my comfort zone. When I made this quilt, I thought I would never finish it. I thought I had put everything in the way and colors that I liked but after spending hours quilting it I decided I did not like the background that I had put it on. I think we quilters can call this technique "reverse applique". I spent countless hours picking out all of the quilting stitches. Then I appliqued these parrots again on a solid black background. I think there are a thousand pieces sewn together for each parrot, or at least it seemed that way. The branch was made from a technique using potatoe dextrin on a hand dyed fabric background. As this paste dried, it cracked. I then applied another dye over the cracked and dried out paste, therefore creating some unusual lines of another color. It looked so much like a tree branch I had to use it for this quilt. Added texture for the branch was made from a paper making project. I dyed it too, to blend in with the branch. The faces and the claw feet were hand painted on silk fabrics along with a lot of thread painting. Everytime I look at it I will never forget all the time I spent on ripping out all the quilting stitches. I don't like to have any unfinished projects around so this quilt was a lesson in patience for me! This quilt was made in early 2006.

This quilt was juried into the American Quilters Society Quilt Show in Nashville, TN July 2006.

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